We use the most modern technological equipment.

We use the most modern technological equipment.


3D laser measurements

Our team uses exstremely precise tools which enables measure elements of large buildings, complex shapes and combined measurements of multiple rooms together with their correlations.

3D modeling and design

Parametric 3D modeling enables us to develop product fast, correctly and competitive.

The software we use for design and modeling is called TopSolid. This software enables us very comprehensive parametric modeling, which helps us keeping errors at a minimum and allows us to accomplish unified views and sections in 2D drawings.


3D modeling also allows visualization. The basic purpose is to provide workshop documentation and support during the production process.

Workshop documentation

Our core service is to produce documentation for project approval, workshop documentation and documentation for the installation. The working method, documentation form and the amount of information included is agreed upon individually with each customer.

Production support – CAD/CAM solution

3D Print

We are able to provide our customers with a 3D model of appropriate shape and size.


For each project we prepare documentation for instalation. We can also provide our experienced installers, which ensure high quality installation, which is very important for each project.